Big Bear Lake Ski Rentals


There are three different routes to get into Big Bear Lake. Highway 38 (from Redlands), Highway 330/18 (from San Bernardino through Running Springs), and Highway 18 (from Lucerne Valley). During busy times, taking Highway 38 will get you back down the hill faster, avoiding the congestion from Highway 330/18. You can check here for up to date Road Conditions. Our local weather station, Bens Weather, has accurate weather information. It forecasts a week at a time, so you can plan your trip accordingly. You can click here to check out the weather now.

Helpful Information

Caltrans Chain Control Requirement Levels:

R-0: No Restrictions
R-1: Chains or snow tread tires required. Snow tires must have a tread depth of 6/32″ with an M&S imprint on the tire’s sidewall.
R-2: Chains required on all vehicles, except four-wheel drives or all-wheel drives with snow tread tires on all four wheels. Four-wheel drives must carry chains in the vehicle. If you have four-wheel drive, engage it. Use 4-Low only if your vehicle becomes stuck.
R-3: Chains required on all vehicles, no exceptions.

IT’S THE LAW: Carry tire chains at all times during winter travel in the mountains!